Est. 1977

Tattoo America is one of New England’s oldest and most well known shops. More people have been tattooed by Tattoo America than any other tattoo shop in New England.

It’s no coincidence that we have thousands of satisfied customers. Our artists are some of the most talented in New England, as we search for creative and innovative people to join our shops. There are many that want to work here with us, but we are very selective for good reason! We offer only quality work, as we understand it is a choice of a lifetime! If you are considering tattoo parlors in New Hampshire serving Boston Massachusetts with incredible talent, visit us at today!

Artist Owned

Clean Quality Artwork is our priority. We employ only highly skilled and qualified artists to ensure every customer is treated with care and every tattoo is of the highest quality. Using only the best equipment in the industry. Custom tattoos done the right way.

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